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Coordinating the whole office IT relocation by yourself is stressful.

We take on this load for you. And you can have a smooth office shift to MEET your deadline.

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Doing Office IT Relocation By Yourself?

Moving office isn’t about packing and unpacking.

You need to make sure your new office IT infrastructure is working.

And you probably got a short time frame to get everything shifted to the new office. That includes your existing IT equipment to be UP and running.

Imagine there’s hiccups when everyone returns to work at the new office. It can be frustrating.

The last thing you want to happen at the new office is the activation delay of the Internet.

Or the network point for your boss’s PC is faulty. Or, power blackout due to overload or faulty appliances.

In short, the whole IT relocation requires proper planning and IT expertise. You can consider outsource IT services. Otherwise, doing it on your own can be frustrating and costly.

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We Got You Covered

Choosing the right IT vendor is crucial. IT problems do happen at times. The good news is that a good Singapore IT service provider ensures timely delivery and resolve IT issues for you.


Includes installation and integration with IT-related applications and hardware.


Handles all IT requests and questions. You don’t have to call different parties.


Ensures high success during the office shift, and reduces unnecessary delay.


Foresee potential issues. Skilled engineers can resolve them promptly.

Quick Overview Of Our IT Relocation Services

When you engage our IT relocation services, you can expect a successful job done. Because we are systematic in our approach. Now, we walk you through our 3 step process.


We began with the inital phone call or email and followed by a meet up with you. It will be great if you can show us the IT inventory. During the meeting, we have a better understanding of your requirements and any IT solutions. You can take this time to show us the new office layout.


Once you decide to go ahead with us, we’ll work out a IT relocation project plan with you. This project plan states the schedule and preparation work with third-party vendors. For example, local telco and cabling vendor. With a detailed plan, you can expect a successful job completion.


Our team works hand in hand with your engaged contractors to ensure job completion. After we have assembled the IT backend, we will conduct a thorough test to verify all is working. Once you’re happy with our services, we will close this IT relocation project.

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What We Do During It Relocation

Whether it’s a location move or office expansion, leave the IT services to us.

We’re your pair of hands to get the technical stuff sorted out.

From planning to execution, we’ll update you on the progress. So that you’ll have peace of mind and focus on the more important stuff.

Our aim is to help you experience a smooth transition and resume business fast.

Here’s what we do:

  • Onsite survey and inspection
  • Work with your existing telco on Internet transition
  • Coordinate with your vendors (e.g. door access or IP phone vendors)
  • Verify existing network points
  • The label of IT equipment
  • Cable management
  • De-rack items (e.g. servers, firewall, storage)
  • Decommission old IT equipment (e.g. unused server, PC)
  • Dispose of unwanted IT devices.
  • Plan and design new server room
  • Network design
  • Setup full wifi coverage
  • Reconfigure network devices (e.g. routers, switches, firewall)
  • Update or create network documentation
  • Assemble all existing IT equipment at the new premise
  • Test & commission

Hear What Our Customers Say

Supporting office IT relocation plan and setup since 2009

Clean Up On Virus Attack

Engineer is very patient and efficient to solve the virus attack issue on my laptop. Connectbit service is good and highly recommendable.

Esther Wong Client

Service is professional

It great! Majority of successful engineer members have the technical background. They really did a good job !! Improve business performance, provide excellent services and the reasonable price!

May Lim Manager


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