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it maintenance checklist

Here's an IT maintenance checklist for your office.

Many growing businesses in Singapore have increasing IT needs. Often an office manager is responsible for IT maintenance for these growing offices. This can be quite challenging to manage for someone who isn't an IT professional. 

This checklist has seven monthly tasks you can perform to keep your office technology running smoothly.

1. Inspect Devices Visually

This involves walking around the office and checking all your devices. This process includes physical inspections for loose cables or signs of wear and tear. Additionally, it involves ensuring each device functions properly.

hard disk signal shows warning

2. Backup Computers and Servers

Backups are essential for businesses. At the very least, perform backups monthly.

Backups should include off-site or cloud solutions. Local backups should be directed to an internal server connected to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

3. Review Server Logs

Server logs can reveal potential errors or signs of intrusions. Regularly review these logs to prevent issues from escalating. Address any identified problems promptly and then clear the logs.

logs showing warning and error

4. Clear and Resolve Device Alerts

Like server logs, each device may generate alerts that need attention. These could include hardware issues, driver problems, or security threats. Regularly check each device for alerts and resolve them as they arise.

5. Monitor Disk Health and Capacity

Any device with a hard drive should be monitored for the drive's health and capacity. Spinning disk drives (HDDs) require regular defragmentation to function optimally. It's important to ensure that both HDDs and SSDs do not become too full, which can slow down their performance.

c drive getting full

6Regularly Update Software

Keeping Windows and your software up to date is crucial for both security and functionality. Ensure all your office devices receive updates as soon as they become available. Occasionally, you might need to update device firmware as well.

7. Maintain Firewall Security

Ensuring your firewall remains active and up-to-date is critical for security. Regularly review firewall logs for blocked traffic to detect potential issues. You may also need to add exceptions to allow certain traffic through.

Final Thoughts

As small businesses in Singapore expand, their IT maintenance tasks grow as well.

Ensure you take proper care of your infrastructure to keep your business operations smooth. If these tasks are overwhelming or outside of your expertise, consider engaging a Singapore IT maintenance company to handle these tasks for you. 

Employing an IT maintenance company can assure these tasks are executed efficiently. They can also troubleshoot issues more swiftly and cost-effectively than if you were to request a one-time service.

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