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Imagine if your system integrator in Singapore handles all the project work…

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What if you could have the IT backend ready for your software vendor, and see an instant boost in your office productivity.

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Later, you’d get to see the latest system integration methods, typical IT solutions deployed, and common questions asked. From there, you know if we are a good fit for you.

system integrator singapore

What is a System Integrator?

A systems integrator (SI) is a skilled information technology company. We combine several computing systems for clients. These systems are hardware, cloud, software, networking and storage products from many vendors.

Finding a Good System Integrator Vendor in Singapore

Here are some quick tips on how you can find a good system integrator. Don’t look for an IT vendor based mainly on pricing. Instead, look for a rising star that cares about top quality and IT services in Singapore.

system integrator

Who have you worked with before on similar IT projects?

Pro tip: It’s perfectly fine if you ask for customer references. Reputable Singapore system integrator provider is more than happy to share with you these contacts. When you talk to their clients, ask questions about their experience with SI vendor.
For example,

Are they flexible to changes?
What’s the least thing you like about them?
Are you happy with them?

What’s your process to ensure good service?

Eg. communication, documentation updates, follow-up, best practices

Pro tip: It’s essential that you receive a copy of updated documentation when the project completes.

Can you show us a sample of a project schedule?

Pro tip: This is an excellent chance to see how the system integrator does the planning. Don’t be deceived if you see a complex schedule. What’s more important is that you understand the major milestone of the next deliverable.

Are there any unforeseen circumstances resulting in delay?

Pro tip: An experienced SI highlights potential delay instead of painting a perfect scenario. Delay is possible due to external factors like shipment and third vendor involvement. With proper planning and experience, a good SI reduces delay in IT projects to near zero.

What’s the support duration after the project completes?

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to sign off a project if a system integrator completes the job. The SI is more motivated to take up IT support for you if you treat them good too. Typical post support last from a week to 1 month, depending on the complexity of the systems.

The Role of System Integrator Vendor

As your system integrator service provider in Singapore, we work together with your new or existing vendors to achieve digital transformation and your business goals. Your vendors specialize in their core solutions. They may not be expert in technology. For example, a firewall, backup recovery or cloud server virtualization.

Let’s say, an accounting company only provides software license and their software installation. Before your vendor can start work, you need a system server solution that meets their software requirements.

This task is when you need a skilled & experience network system integrator (SI) company to make sure the IT infrastructure is ready. Before we handover our part to you or your vendor, we’ll do a thorough test on our work first. With a systematic approach, we can resolve potential integration issues. Thus, reducing any misunderstanding.

Proven System Integration Solutions

Here’s our range of proven system integration solutions, which includes mainly infrastructure system solutions, managed IT services and system server solutions. After the completion of your project, we offer IT support in Singapore to ensure that you are able to complete any tasks with ease.

The type of system integration depends on the outcome you want to achieve. We offer a hybrid solution by combining both cloud (e.g., Readyspace or Amazon) and on-premise managed services to work effectively.

File / Domain Server Design & Installation

Allows you to share files with robust permission.

Application Systems Integration

Allows you to share files with robust permission.

VMware Virtualization

Maximize your hardware resources with more servers in a box.

Disaster Recovery Services

Setup an identical IT environment to allow business continuity during a disaster.

Infrastructure Upgrading

Improve your IT backend performance so that your applications load faster.

Migration and Replication

Move your applications to a new hardware, cloud or storage.

Network Design & Deployment

Improve your network and internet speed, and segment your user access .

Physical & Structure Cabling

Link up all your computers and network devices together.

Hardware Firewall Install & Configuration

Stop hacker and virus by securing your internet access.

Internet Load-Balancing

Offer redunancy when one internet provider fails.

Internet Connectivity

Link up IT peripherals to Internet with optimal speed.

Site to Site VPN

Link up your branch offices and warehouse together as if they are under the same roof.

Security Infrastructure

Tighten your office security and give minimum permission to function.

Business Continuity Planning

Provide IT strategies to keep your business running in case of breakdowns.

MS Exchange

Offer robust on-premise email solutions to suit your business functions.

Cloud Deployment

Link up a new cloud or integrate cloud with existing services.

Backup and Recovery

Provide automated backup to allow speedy recovery.

Storage Solutions

Implement storage for backup or application.

How IT System Integrator Works

A quick overview when you engage us as your one stop IT system integrator partner


You let us know your specific requirement or needs. We can offer IT solutions and consulting services as standalone options or as part of an entire project.


We spent lots of time in the planning and design of the whole digital transformation solutions. By doing this, our deployment is short and complete.

Deploy & Managed

Our team of engineers deploys & test the system integration solutions. You can opt for our maintenance services to keep the systems running optimally.

What Our Customers Say

Providing one stop consulting services for companies in Singapore since 2009

Very resourceful

Cheefoo is very resourceful and I always ask him for IT advice. His team was in charge of several difficult server migrations and did the projects well. Whenever we need any procurement or new IT requests, we always check with Connectbit.

Mdm Sim IT

Establish an understanding

Connectbit has taken time to establish an understanding of the requirements of the clients.

Dovovan Tan Business Development


Firewall was down. Connectbit provides very efficient support and turnaround to get our network up.

Jeffrey CTO


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