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Responsive design is essential. Why? Because there's so many different screen sizes and operating systems available. At Connectbit, we support you in the innovative adaptation of responsive websites. This is to fuel your online presence with success.

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Understand Responsive Website Design

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have taken over the desktop devices. This means you need to adapt your online presence to this transformation. 

Your website should appear and function well on both mobile and desktop devices. 

It is critical to attract, engage, and retain your audience. The use of our services for your website allows it to adjust to all screen sizes as well as operating systems.

Main Benefits of Using WordPress

Choosing responsive web design over static web designing offers several benefits.

The primary goal is a different rendering of the content according to the screen size or gadget type. This enables your potential clients to get an optimal web experience, no matter how they are accessing your website.


Increase in mobile traffic

Nowadays, more than half of online traffic to websites comes from mobile devices. It means you can increase your mobile traffic by having a responsive web design. Your site renders seamlessly on all screen sizes.


Quick mobile development

You don't have to create two separate apps - one for mobile, and one for desktop. When you develop a responsive website, it looks great on both desktop and mobile. In this way, you save time and cost.


Highly cost-effective

As you need not make a separate desktop website and app, it saves you money on overall website development.


Lower maintenance cost

WordPress has great content management system (CMS). It's user friendly. You can make changes by yourself easily and fast without spending high cost on website maintenance


Fast page loading speed

Mobile users usually have a shorter attention span as compared to desktop users. So they are more likely to leave a web page if it takes a long time to load. The modern technology of responsive web design helps in faster page loading speed.


Higher rates of conversion

Great web designs allow you to build a consistent experience for users. That is across both desktop and mobile devices. And this is critical to converting new visitors to clients.

Make Your Website Fit All Devices

At Connectbit, we provide you with creative web design and development service. Our team of skillful web designers is qualified and have over 11 years of experience.

We integrate innovative designing, latest cutting edge technology and strategic digital marketing into your design. This enables a seamless and consistent site performance across all devices. It also helps in boosting your ROI.

How Responsive Website Design Attracts More Visitors?

You can attract much more visitors to your website than you expect with a responsive design. We use the latest development technologies and optimization techniques. This ensures that your website delivers exceptional user experience across devices and anytime.

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With mobile first indexing, your website stands a better web ranking. Google perceives your website with a great experience as both desktop and mobile looks good. 

Easy website analytics reporting

A responsive website greatly simplifies web analytics reporting. It tells you how your visitors behave with different devices used. With the data, you're able to optimize the website further to suit your visitors. 

Enhanced online and offline browsing experience

The first impression is the last impression. If your visitors have difficulty in website navigation, they won't revisit. Responsive design enables consistent and positive experience delivery to the users.

Better backlinking

A mobile responsive site helps in attracting backlinks with authority sites. If your web pages are not responsive, other sites are less likely to link back to your website. This results in a lack of backlinks, thus lowering domain authority. 

Reduction in bounce rates

A responsive website offers enhanced web experience. It means your website visitors are much likely to stay on your website. That gives a longer duration as visitors explore different pages.

More social sharing 

A responsive site leads to more social sharing. By adding responsive buttons, you can facilitate users in sharing your content. You can stimulate them to share even through small screens easily.

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What Our Customers Say

Providing IT Maintenance for companies since 2009


Competitive in cost with very good service

Connectbit managed to provide exactly what we are looking for and more. They are fast in response all our inquiries & comments. On top of that, appreciate Cheefoo and team patience & detailed explanation. They are competitive in cost with very good service.

Frost Kang Sales & Marketing Exec


Overall experience is good. Cheefoo is very helpful and the whole service is sincere. Pricing wise is very competitive!

Nurul Co-founder

Why Connectbit ?

Google favors responsive sites by ranking them higher in the search engine rankings. Moreover, these sites attract more traffic as compared to static websites. We work on realizing your design idea into a versatile responsive design. With our design, your site dynamically adapts to the various device. This includes viewports and browsers without changes in its layout and content. Thus, giving consistent user-experience across multiple platforms.





Easy to Access

At Connectbit, we believe in making our web development service easily accessible to everyone. The demand for responsive design has skyrocketed in recent years. We work with you to develop a unique web design. This allows your users to access your site on any device and screen easily.


Budget-Friendly Services

As an established web design company in Singapore, we offer budget-friendly services. Our team of talented and expert web designers ensures to discuss your idea. We transform it into reality within your budget.


Systematic Process

To give you top-notch web design services, we have developed our systematic design process. We create a plan to do your project. 

We understand

Never Miss a Beat for Your Business

New devices with varying screen sizes hit the market every other day. But this does not hinder your progress. The responsive web design of your site easily scales to meet the requirements of any system. This ensures that your business never misses a beat and stays ahead of your competitors.

Custom-Tailored Designing

Responsive web design has one-size-fits-all quality. However, we design our services to fit your needs. We work on making your website innovative, local SEO friendly, feature-rich, user-friendly and affordable. With our custom designing, we deliver more than you expect!

Contact us now to take our tailored website design solutions!

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