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Why Rely on an IT Support Company?

Information technology (IT) is now the backbone of any thriving business. For different IT solutions to work well on a consistent basis, you need a trusted IT support company in Singapore. They can deal with any issues that may arise in your network, your hardware or software. If your business can’t justify the expense of hiring another full-time IT staff or with limited resources, we can help.

We are Singapore's leading brands in IT outsourcing services . Our complete range of IT services include maintenance services, website design & development and local SEO.

Get A Fixed Monthly Cost For Your IT Needs

Get a Fixed Monthly Cost for Your IT Needs

Let us manage your IT so you can focus on what matters most. Stop wasting money on credits or expensive hourly rates. Our flat monthly fee with unlimited values means you'll never have to worry about paying for anything more than what you need.

Service Provider With A Single Point Of Contact

Service Provider with a single point of contact

Get the benefits of an IT support department without the hassle. Stop wasting time on phone calls and visits to service centres, and get everything you need in one place. We're your single point of contact for all IT service requests. 

Best-In-Class 24x7 IT Support Services

Best-in-class 24x7 IT support services

IT can be a headache for all types of organization, including big tech companies in Singapore. We understand the importance of getting back to work quickly and with minimal interruption. That's why we offer a 24x7 IT helpdesk to solve your immediate issues, so that you can breathe easy. 

Stay On Top Of Your IT With Regular Reports

Stay on top of your IT with regular reports

You will receive a monthly report which indicates your equipment health and the resolutions made for every IT issue. In this way, you are aware of our hard work done behind-the scene while staying focused on what's important: running your business smoothly .

Fast Response Time

Fast response time

If a problem is found, Connectbit will fix it remotely first. In the event, remote access support fails to resolve, IT professionals will be dispatched quickly to your office.

preventive approach

Preventive approach 

Engineers will do a monthly health check on the devices. This proactive approach fixes any potential hardware or software problems before they happen. 

IT Support Services With A Systematic Approach

To ensure reliable services, we have a systematic approach to managing technology. This will help you get the most out of your IT assets. 

Our approach

  • The salesperson comes from a technical background. They know what works.
  • Every new IT professional hire is already experienced and carefully selected.
  • We have to take a service training course so that we can be good in both technical and services.
  • All our work is documented, so it's easy to refer and handover.
  • There is a SOP guide for every task. It makes sure that all the work are completed.

What You will Get

With our IT backend support, you'll have a reliable IT infrastructure. We'll take care of everything from virus removal to hardware upgrades and IT maintenance services. We also help with IT planning and vendor management. This is what you'll receive for our service delivery :

24/7 Helpdesk

We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any technical inquiries you may have.

Monthly Report

It's a monthly report that summarizes all IT problems and advice for your company.

Onsite Engineer

An onsite IT professional who comes to your location during crises or when remote assistance fails.

Data Backup

A backup of all your critical data is essential so you can restore and preserve a copy in the event of an emergency.

Stay Safe Online

Secure your company's data from malware and hackers so you can focus on business productivity.


If you need help with your technology or any decisions about the future IT expansion plan, our consultancy can help.

How we consistently help our clients reduce downtime using our proven IT maintenance services

Our IT support strategies have been developed after 10 years of research, testing, and implementation. Here's the areas that our support services will help you with:


Network is the backbone of any company in Singapore . If it fails, your computer cannot access internet or access any information which you need for your business. It's essential to keep, maintain and work with most advanced IT infrastructure.

That's the primary reason why we give priority support to your network. Our team of professionals are trained to design, configure and maintain even the most complex networks with ease. This includes network tasks like:


  • Network Designing: designing a network so it meets all the requirements of your business
  • Network Configuration: configuring an existing network device 
  • Maintaining Networks: keeping everything running smoothly by troubleshooting and correcting network errors.
  • Troubleshooting Network Problems: Diagnosing and fixing connection problems on website or with your internet services .
  • Reducing cyber security risks


The desktop support for your office is crucial because it can allow you to use your computer when facing any technical problems. 

We solve most of the PC problems fast with our remote tools. Engineers are dispatch onsite to settle issues that cannot be solved remotely. Some of the most common desktop support tasks by engineers are:


  • Optimizing to make your computer run faster
  • Backing up data to protect it from loss 
  • Resizing partitions to allocate sufficient space for application files
  • Replacing broken hardware or software assets
  • Updating or repairing operating system 
  • Securing PC from any threats


Server support is an important part of any business. If the server fails, your organization cannot do work and continue to function as usual. 

Keeping the servers up and running at all times is important for any company's well-being. Whether you need a new server or want to expand your current server capacity, we can help. For our server tasks we will:


  • Design and configure servers
  • Updating all the necessary software till windows server end of life
  • Monitor and troubleshoot servers
  • Replace faulty hardware 
  • Perform server hardening against threats


When your IT infrastructure is a mix of on-premises and cloud solutions, IT troubleshooting can be hard. There are just too many breakpoints. 

You need a skilled managed services provider to isolate, monitor and resolve the issues quickly. Maintaining your IT infrastructure means that our team needs to:


  • Checking firmware, hardware and software to ensure its up-to-date.
  • Collecting data on the state of the network.
  • Assessing the performance of different devices to ensure they are running optimally.
  • Ensuring that your workstation's antivirus software is current and updating it if necessary.
  • Monitoring traffic on your network for malware looking for any vulnerabilities.


Storage is often ignored by many companies which leads to a big headache when they need to get rid of old data. 

We can help you get rid of old storage and replace it with a new one. Our storage support services include:


  • Improving stability of your current storage systems
  • Migrating from onsite to cloud based solution
  • Storage expansion planning 
  • Manage backup connectivity to storage 

Why choose us as your managed services provider ?

As an IT service provider, we focus on customer satisfaction by providing the best IT solutions to suit your company's specific needs. We have a wide range of IT solutions and services in Singapore. We can help with asset management, security solutions, computer networking, and cloud solutions.

Good Value

Experienced team

Systematic approach

The support package includes the consultancy. You have a competent group of individuals supporting you. It's only natural that our clients feel confident and have the peace of mind working with us. 

What They’re Saying

We're grateful when customers outsource their technology to a trusted IT company . We're honored when they provide glowing reviews . Here are just a few testimonials from the clients that we serve. 

Team is flexible

Connectbit helps us to setup the IT infrastructure for our new office, and has been a good partner since the start of our business. The team is flexible and able to respond quickly to our requests.

Jacqueline Neo HR Director

Very pleased with your quick response to our IT concerns

We would like to express our appreciation of an excellent job done by you and your team for our recent IT full system transfer and upgrade works at our new office.

It was indeed a remarkable performance in terms of service, commitment and workmanship by your team despite the time constraint and frequent changes. We also very pleased with your quick response to our IT concerns.”

Philip Francia Quality Control & Assurance Manager

One of the better IT vendors

Connectbit is one of the better IT vendors that we have met.

Siti Awi Office manager

Frequently asked questions

View the most frequently asked question to quickly find your answer or ask our presales

Do small businesses require IT support services in Singapore ?

In short, yes. IT support services are more applicable if your office has more than 10 PCs and expect fast turnaround when there’s an IT problem. It also makes sense to have your staff focus on what they good at instead of doing their troubleshooting.

Do you do ad-hoc IT support services?

No. Because such ad-hoc support is very disruptive to our business and does not value add to your company. Furthermore, ad-hoc support charges are based on hours, and you may end up paying an expensive bill for the troubleshooting.

Traditional IT support vs managed services?

Traditional IT support refers to ‘break-fix’ support. When an IT device breaks, you inform IT support outsourcing team to fix it. The downtime is unpredictable, and the repair cost tends to be high for a big problem.

Manage IT services are proactive IT support, whereby IT professional knows the potential problem and fixes it first. You pay a fixed monthly cost regardless of the number of IT problems.

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